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Reidun 1995
My name is Reidun Svenssen
and I have been married to Jan for many years
We was born in Oslo,
but moved to Spydeberg in 1989
Spydeberg is about 6 norwegian miles from Oslo.

We loves cats.
In the old days (from 1974 to 1985),
Jan and I went to cat shows almost every weekend.
And many of our cats was winners.
In fact we had "Cat of the Year 1980"
The cat was a red coloured female abyssinian cat,
And her name was Gr.Int.Ch. ReyjaS Red Iris
I will try to find some pictures of her later

ReyjaS is our cattery name.
The name has been made of our own names like this:
Re = Reidun
y = and (in spanish)
ja = Jan
S = Svenssen
Together it means - Reidun og Jan Svenssen

Skytten Leo

Updated 4th of February '17
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