Oracles Felizia
(N)Oracles Felizia, ABY n - Ruddy
14 weeks old in December '09
Born: 26th of August 2009
Dam: (N)Oracles Darling, ABY a - Blue
Sire: Thamos Telemachus, ABY n - Ruddy
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I am very satisfied with Felizia's pedigree
On her fathers side I found ReyjaS Red Kajza (ABY o) in the ninth generation
Father of Kajza was ReyjaS Fonzie (ABY n),
- and he is son of my very first abyssinian Wiwela's Nanine (ABY n)
Mother of Kajza is IC Kabaya Cindy (ABY n), - my second abyssinian

On her mothers side is IC Crownfields Blue Arrow in the fifth generation
Arrow was a nice blue male I imported from June Good in England

(N)Oracles Felizia, - about 9 weeks old

14 weeks old in December '09

(N)TempCats Xanya, ABY o - Sorrel
Born: 3rd of March 2009
Dam: CH (N)TempCat's Saga, ABY o - Sorrel
Sire: Quintus av Kirwo, ABY o - Sorrel

ReyjaS Miss Yasmine, ABY n - Ruddy
Born: 25th of July 2004
Dam: (N)Rosemoe’s Elvira, ABY n - Ruddy
Sire: ReyjaS Mr. Tinus, ABY n - Ruddy

ReyjaS Miss, - "Wimzy", ABY n - Ruddy
Born: 25th of March 2003
Dam: ReyjaS Red Miss Prisci , ABY o - Sorrel
Sire: ReyjaS Mr. Tinus, ABY n - Ruddy
Taking a nap on the radiator

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